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Sinan information technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. , headquartered in shenzhen city, guangdong province, is a collection of technical advice, product design, production and site promotion, system development as one of professional technology services company, mainly provide the website construction, small number WeChat public/application development, mobile phone APP development, all kinds of software system development, integration of hardware



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Service process

Communication Requirements

In the early stage of communication, the customer communicates with the customer and collects the existing and potential requirements.

The solution

determines the system function structure, the technical realization plan, and delivers the prepayment.

The design draft

confirms the overall UI design of the system, and confirms with the customer through the program.


system program development, function realization.

System online

name server, etc. Application, filing, system setup and operation, delivery of main payment.

Adjustment and closing

According to customer feedback, adjustment, confirmation completion, delivery of the final payment.

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